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Join the Planet Mark Community to connect with like-minded people from Planet Mark Member organisations who together act as a collective force for good by recognising continuous improvements, encouraging action and empowering progress in sustainability.

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  1. You must use your company email address to join our community. This is how we ensure that only employees of Planet Mark Members are permitted to join the community.
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About Us

We aim to make the Planet Mark the most easily recognised sign of progress in sustainability.

Holders of the Planet Mark are bound by this common purpose. Everything we do aims to achieve it. This binds us together in a like-minded community.

We work with people who believe they can make the world of difference. When you see an organisation using the Planet Mark, you know they are driving continuous positive change through their actions, people, and reach.

By embedding sustainability into everything they do, they are building impactful brands while reaping the business benefits that come with environmental and social progress. As you are here, it is likely you share our belief and our values.